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Infusions, Assorted Box of 20 sachets, 60g

Infusions, Assorted Box of 20 sachets, 60g

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Contains sachets of:

Fruit Infusions:

Woman in Red 2, exotic mix of red berries with cherry flavor

Apple Sweetheart 2 , sweet mix of fruits with apple and vanilla flavor

Oh lala quel chocolat 2 , a rich mix that combines chocolate, dates with dried grapes

Violin in D Major 2 , cheerful composition with strong notes of apple, cinnamon and almond

The Day You Love 2 , romantic mix of fruits flavored with pineapple, kiwi and strawberry

Herbal infusions:

All for One 2 , fresh combination where strawberry, lemongrass and mint predominate

Amor a lo Melange 2, a bold blend of lemongrass, cinnamon, coconut, pineapple chunks, ginger, cardamom, pink pepper and cloves

Muñequita Linda 2, a delicate herbal mixture composed of rose petals, caraway and chamomile sweetened by fennel

Rooibos Infusion:

Grandma´s Cake 2 , warm and sweet mixture of Rooibos with a flavor that recalls the cakes of the grandmothers